Greek Austerity Demonstrators Brutally Attacked By Police In Athens Protests (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Greek Police Brutally Face Off With Austerity Protesters

Though lawmakers backed controversial austerity measures to stave off national bankruptcy on Wednesday, the mood in Athens remains volatile.

As the Associated Press reports, protesters are continuing to face off against riot police, and have even tried to blockade the Parliament building.

The following videos provide a sense of the massive scope of the protests, which some media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times have nicknamed "Greek Spring" in an effort to draw parallels to the demonstrations which toppled leaders in Tunisia and Egypt.

There have been numerous accounts of police brutality throughout the protests. This clip, in particular, shows an officer clubbing one protestor directly in the face:

Take a look at an assortment of videos of the Greek austerity protests below:

Greek Protests Videos

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