Greek Recipes: From Dolmades To Baklava, We Can't Get Enough (PHOTOS)

Say it with us: galaktoboureko!

We promise that we are not being influenced by our Greek boss when we say that Greek cuisine is one of our favorites. We love Greek food in all its many iterations -- from souvlaki at a street cart to refined shrimp saganakis to giant legs of lamb.

The fresh, bright flavors of Greece are ever complimented by the fruitiness of olive oil and the sharp tang of feta. Greek dishes are usually simple to prepare, mostly pretty good for you and always feed a crowd. We found you some of our favorite Greek recipes to get started with, from appetizers to dessert. And speaking of dessert, we're just not sure there's a more fun word to say than Galaktoboureko (the custard pie in slide 19!).

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Greek Recipes