Greek Yogurt Food Invasion Continues As Product Is Added To Cream Cheese, Hummus And More

The Greek Yogurt Invasion

It's been a whirlwind past few years for the Greek yogurt industry. Greek yogurt has gone from one percent of the yogurt market in 2007 to 36 percent currently, with the potential to reach around 50 percent of the market share. Within the Greek yogurt arena, there are all sorts of new iterations being launched, such as tubes and fruit cups.

One of the reasons that Greek yogurt is so popular is the health claims -- it is a good source of protein and often contains less sugar than its regular yogurt counterpart. While Greek yogurt can certainly be a component in a healthy diet, it isn't a miracle food. Brands and varieties differ when it comes to the amount of fat, carbohydrates, and other ingredients, so looking at the nutrition facts is often helpful.

As Greek yogurt surges in popularity, it comes as no surprise that other companies want a piece of the pie. All sorts of food products with Greek yogurt have popped up recently, from cream cheese to hummus. Take a look at some food products hoping to cash in on the Greek yogurt craze:

Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese

Greek Yogurt Invasion

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