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Yes, You Can Make Cheese Out Of Greek Yogurt. Here's How.

And it's delicious.

Cheese-making is often thought as an activity best left in the hands of professionals -- it involves live enzymes, after all -- but this is not always the case. Some cheeses are so easy to make at home it's a shame you haven't been making (and eating) them your whole life. Namely, Greek yogurt cheese.

That's right, folks. You can easily take the tub of Greek yogurt in your fridge and turn it into a homemade cheese that's creamy and tangy in all the right ways. The texture is a mix between cream cheese and goat cheese, but a whole lot better for you because you made it from yogurt at home. It's basically Labneh, but made with Greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt.

To embark on your cheese-making journey, here's what you'll need: cheesecloth. Yes, that's it. Well, and yogurt too. To make the magic happen just let the Greek yogurt sit in the cheesecloth for a few hours and voila, cheese. We suggest making a huge batch, and then marinating half of it in olive oil like food blogger Hungry Couple did. Not only is it super delicious, but it makes for great gifts too.

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