Green Day Rips Donald Trump In New 'Troubled Times' Video

🎤 A new day dawning. Comes without warning. So don't think twice. We live in troubled times. 🎤

Green Day takes aim at President-elect Donald Trump in its latest video.

A clip from the “Troubled Times” video, which the punk rock band posted online on Monday, shows a Trump-like figure in a red “Make America Great Again” cap apparently spewing antagonistic rhetoric to crowds.

KKK rallies, footage of civil rights movement protests and people holding “Stop racism, Islamophobia and war” signs are interspersed in the trippy video, which is now going viral.

“A new day dawning. Comes without warning. So don’t think twice. We live in troubled times,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sings. The clip ends ominously, with someone pressing a big red button to cause a gigantic mushroom cloud.

The video is decidedly apocalyptic, but the band said in an accompanying statement that, “Today we celebrate love and compassion more than ever.”

While the group doesn’t mention Trump by name in the video or song from its album “Revolution Radio,” it has not been shy about criticizing the former reality television personality in the past.

At the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards, the day before the presidential election, they changed the words to their 2004 hit “American Idiot” from “subliminal mind-fuck America” to “subliminal mind-Trump America.”

And two weeks later at the American Music Awards, the rockers added the extra line of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” while performing “Bang Bang.”

CORRECTION: This article previously misstated the name of Green Day’s album as “Revolution Road.” It is “Revolution Radio.”

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