The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Home A Lean, Green, Resource-Saving Machine

A green space for the ages 🌿

You bring your own quirky, reusable canvas totes to the supermarket because you (obviously) know that’s the best answer to the “Paper or plastic?” question. You transform toilet paper rolls into crafting masterpieces with your toddler, and long ago you traded in your paper towels and napkins for reusable cloth ones. And your used plastic and glass bottles ending up in a landfill? Not on your watch!

Still, if you think there’s more you could be doing to operate a clean, green, eco-friendly home, you’re probably right. Lucky for you, we’ve partnered with Unilever to create this ultimate room-by-room guide to help you transform your home ― even your bathroom ― into a sustainable haven.

Unilever has the tools and know-how to help you take your “greening” to the next level. The planet (and your energy bill) will thank you. See the work Unilever is doing to help us move toward a brighter future we’re proud of.