Green Honeymoons: Destinations And Tips For An Eco-Friendly Trip

5 Tips And Destinations For A Greener Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is usually a long and difficult process, but finding a honeymoon destination shouldn't have to be. Several resorts around the world offer luxurious honeymoon accommodations that are also eco-friendly.

Newly-wed couples are also seeing the appeal in nontraditional honeymoons with a lower environmental impact. The New York Times explained, "these days many newlywed couples are choosing a bed draped with mosquito netting over one dotted with rose petals, shunning the more traditional romantic resorts for retreats that are environmentally friendly."

If you don't have a honeymoon planned, but would still like a green housing option for your next vacation, check out this list of eco-friendly vacation rentals.

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Eco-friendly honeymoon destinations and green honeymoon tips courtesy of Brandon Warner, co-founder of Traveler's Joy.

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Eco-Friendly Honeymoons

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