Green Jobs First Topic For Biden's New Task Force (VIDEO)

President Obama just made a big step toward the green goals he set on the campaign trail, announcing a task force that would address an economic stimulus for the middle class that focuses on green jobs:

The president appointed Vice President Joe Biden to lead the task force, which will hold monthly meetings, the first in Philadelphia on Feb. 27.

Obama said his economic stimulus plan now before Congress would double renewable energy to about 10 percent of the nation's total production, and would create 3 million jobs, many of those in green industries.

Watch some of the press conference announcing the task force:

The AP reports that the first goal for Biden's new task force will be to discuss green jobs:

Biden pledged that the task force will conduct its business in the open, and announced a Web site, http://www.astrongmiddleclass.gov, for the public to get information. He also announced that the panel's first meeting will be Feb. 27 in Philadelphia and will focus on environmental or "green jobs."