Green Juice Recipes To Mix Up Your Juicing Routine (PHOTOS)

And no, they don't taste like you're drinking grass.

With the juicing trend in full force, juicers are becoming some of the most desirable kitchen appliances. Though you can buy bottled juices everywhere from specialty juice bars to the local grocery store, their high price tags are making home juicing an increasingly popular option.

When it comes to these juices, green juice may be the most controversial variety -- some love it, and some just absolutely cannot stand it. It's understandable why it can be so polarizing, considering most people prefer fruit-heavy juice to those concentrated with vegetables. But the various health benefits aren't the only reason you should embrace this fresh juice -- these delicious green juice recipes prove this drink doesn't have to be something you choke down. We promise, these nine recipes taste nothing like drinking grass.

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Not Your Mama's Green Juice

Green Juice Recipes

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