Green Man Runs Onto Field During Bombers-Mallards Game, Miraculously Escapes Security (VIDEO)

Green Man Runs Onto Baseball Field, Miraculously Escapes Security

There's nothing original about wearing a green man suit--a spandex outfit that rose to popularity after being featured on the FX show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. There's also nothing original about running on the field at a baseball game--It's been done time and time again by many a drunk patron at baseball games nationwide.

But when a person runs on the field at a baseball game while wearing a green man suit, well, then you have a story.

When that person is able to narrowly escape six (SIX!) security workers, that story gets a little more interesting.

And when he runs away from those security workers and then is assisted through a door in centerfield by another person dressed in a yellow man suit, well, then my friends, you have an instant viral video classic.

This exact situation occurred last night in Madison, Wisconsin as the Battle Creek Bombers faced off against the Madison Mallards. Even if some question the authenticity of the event, you can't help but be impressed by the execution.


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