Green News Of 2011: Environmental Stories In Review (PHOTOS)

2011 was a big year for green news.

Several natural disasters dominated the headlines, with a tsunami in Japan, a hurricane that hit the U.S. East Coast and an earthquake that caused damage near the nation's capital.

In energy news, the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and the Canadian tar sands oil that it would deliver made news as environmentalists and residents of Nebraska spoke out against the pipeline. Fracking, a method of underground natural gas extraction, raised concerns from citizens worried about groundwater contamination near fracking operations in the western and northeastern U.S.

Animals also made the news, but often for tragic reasons. Police in Ohio were forced to shoot 48 rare and exotic animals after an exotic animal farm owner released them and committed suicide. Several gruesome animal attacks also showed how human intrusion into animal habitats can have deadly results.

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Top 10 Green News Stories Of 2011

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