Green Nightclubs Harness Sustainable Power Of Dance

Are you ready for it--the first eco-nightclub in the UK is about to hit town. While the idea of clubbing may seem alien to some, doing it environmentally might give new meaning to a night out that goes until 4 a.m. Where to start--at the door--no entry until you sign a pledge promising to work towards stopping climate change. Then free entry to those who can prove they got there by foot, bike or public transport. Once inside, organic drinks will be served in polycarbon cups and there will be recycled water in the lavatories.

Here's the very cool part: the dance floor will be capable of generating 60% of the building's electricity. The technology involves building a sprung floor and power generating blocks. The blocks are made of piezoelectric crystals which produce current when subjected to pressure. Dancers dance, blocks are squeezed and the current is fed into batteries used to electrify the nightclub. Don't laugh, it is already being done in Rotterdam, Holland. It's part of the programme for a new climate change organisation Club4Climate, set up by an enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to open more eco-clubs in New York, Cape Town and Rio. Its motto: "All you have to do is dance to save the world". :: Evening Standard