Green Partnership for Growth and Sustainability

Pressure mounts on the world's resources as population and wealth grows. Ensuring a sufficient supply of energy and water is crucial to enable further economic growth and welfare around the world - including the United States. Avoiding pollution affecting local air and water as well as the global climate is paramount to ensure the well-being of humans, and ultimately of our planet.

Fortunately, modern technologies exist to ensure higher, cleaner, energy production, higher efficiency in use of energy and water, and environmentally friendly reuse, treatment and disposal of waste resources.

Denmark is a first mover in resource efficiency. Recurrent energy crises in the 1970's spurred development of efficient energy, water and resource management systems and technological solutions. They have enabled Denmark to become a world leader in energy efficiency and green energy production. And despite its plentiful local water resources, Denmark is among the OECD countries with the lowest water consumption per capita.

Today, America is a strong mover in green and sustainable technologies. The partnership between Denmark and America in development and deployment of modern, green solutions is vibrant. The increasing number of wind turbines that enable a still greener power production in most parts of the United States have been developed in Denmark. Modern city planning with energy efficient buildings and energy systems, liveable urban spaces, and sustainable management of water and waste resources benefit from Danish knowledge and technology as well.

The outlook for further collaboration is extremely positive. The strong trade development in green products is a proof of that, and today America is the second largest export destination of Danish energy technology. The increasing number of formalized partnerships at state, city and company level further adds to the momentum - as does the high frequency of educational and promotional visits between energy and environment stakeholders in both countries.

Denmark plans to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is a society independent from fossil fuels by 2050. Our innovative activities continue relentlessly.

The Danish-American partnership for growth and sustainability is a reality. Bringing together a first mover and a strong mover it is a perfect match with a great promise for the future of doing MORE with LESS.

This article is part of a series of articles about the #RoyalVisitUSA. On September 27-30, a Danish business delegation, presided over by T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark, will be traveling to the U.S. for one of the most comprehensive trade missions from Denmark to date. The delegation represents 60 innovative Danish companies from the Healthcare, Agriculture and Food, Sustainability and Maritime sectors - all of which are leading economic sectors in Denmark. Joining the delegation are the Minister for the Environment and Food, the Minister for Business and Growth as well as five of Denmark's leading trade organizations. More than 650 Danish companies have subsidiaries in the U.S. These companies contribute to U.S. growth and job creation and employ more than 60,000 people nation-wide.