Green Slime VIDEO: Household Hacker Shares Recipe For Homemade Goop

Got slime? If not, then check out Household Hacker's recipe (see video above), and you can have some of the green stuff in no time.

The green slime is made from two simple compounds--polyvinyl alcohol and borax. It's fun to play with, and making it can help clue you in on some simple principles of chemistry. Just listen to Youtube science guru David K. Smith, a professor of chemistry at England's York University:

“Polyvinyl alcohol contains long molecules, called polymers--you can consider these as being like lots of strands of molecular spaghetti,” Smith told The Huffington Post in an email. "The borax reacts with these polymer strands and connects them together, so that instead of being individual strands, they form a three dimensional network, rather like a sponge."

This molecular net traps in water and makes the slime flow slowly.

And if you think slime is just child’s play, Smith begs to differ. In his own lab, Smith is looking for ways to use gels and slimes to clean up oil spills.



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