Young Boy Protests North Carolina Methodist Church's Gay Marriage Pledge (VIDEO)

WATCH: Young Boy Preaches Homosexuals 'Are Worthy Of Death' In Front Of Church

A young demonstrator took aim at North Carolina's Green Street United Methodist Church after its recent pledge to stop performing weddings until same-sex marriage is legalized.

As Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper first reported, the boy -- who is not identified -- stood in front of the Winston-Salem church on Easter Sunday with a placard that read, "Jesus Must Be Your Lord Or He Will Not Be Your Savior."

"The Bible talks about the homosexuals -- they're worthy of death," the boy proclaims, as seen in video footage of the protest which was also posted on Hooper's site. "They're worthy of death, and you people approve of them! That's why you're going to Hell without Jesus Christ. You can turn from your sin!"

He adds, "It's time to stop sinning and follow the lord Jesus Christ!"

Last month, footage of an 11-year-old girl testifying against same-sex marriage before the Minnesota House Committee on Civil Law made the blogosphere rounds. (The bill was later passed by the committee, and now awaits a vote in the Senate and House scheduled for later this session.)

“If you change the law to say two moms and two dads can get married, it would take away something very important for children like me across the state," the girl read in a prepared statement.

Last month, Green Street United Methodist Church officials said in a statement that ministers at the church would be asked to refrain from performing weddings for any couple inside the sanctuary.

“We are asking our ministers not to perform sacraments of marriage, as far as the wedding vows, wedding rings, and the announcement of the marriage in the sanctuary until the United Methodist Church says it is equitable or same sex couples can get married in the church,” Tim Sturgis, a congregation member, told 88.5 WFDD.

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