Green Tea Benefits: How The Drink Improves Your Health

A Brain Booster.. A Natural Fat Blaster.. A Cancer Fighter: 7 Great Benefits OfTea

The health benefits of tea stretch across the spectrum -- green, black or white all promise to fight free radicals and hydrate you, among other benefits.

But green tea may have the advantage on one front: It's less processed and therefore the good guys (antioxidants, in particular one variety called EGCG) are more concentrated, WebMD reported.

Now, new clues are emerging as to just how powerful green tea really is. It's long been linked to fighting cancer, but researchers presented new evidence about how green tea prevents or slows the growth of prostate and breast cancers.

In a small new study, men who drank green tea had less prostate tissue inflammation and lower levels of the protein PSA, higher levels of which are often used as an indicator of prostate cancer, than men who didn't drink it, thanks to the antioxidants called polyphenols in the drink, WebMD reported.

The polyphenols were also seen to hinder two proteins that spur tumor cell growth in a study of 40 women with breast cancer, LiveScience reported.

While experts agree that more research is still needed, this only adds to the body of work linking green tea to healthy, happy living. And it doesn't only play a role in cancer prevention. Here are some of the other ways that green tea can help your health. Did we forget something? Tell us in the comments.

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