Green Tips For Dorm Living

Green Tips For Dorm Living

Students heading off to college know that Target, Lands End, Wal-Mart and other retailers devote entire sections to helping them furnish their residence hall rooms. And colleges typically provide “must-have” lists for incoming students. So on move-in day, vans arrive on campuses laden with electronic devices, appliances and other furnishings.

But St. Lawrence University, in Canton, New York, offers an alternative – a green alternative. The University is a leader in the campus sustainability movement, and they've developed a different kind of list for new students, especially those interested in living an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Louise Gava, coordinator of sustainability projects at St. Lawrence, has an initial suggestion: “Don't buy so much stuff!” Gava says students can start their eco-aware lives at college by sharing items with their roommates. She offers the following guidelines for shopping for college.

St. Lawrence’s guide to green living is incorporated into its new student guide, all web-based to save on paper. Please note that St. Lawrence is not endorsing any particular vendor or products; advice is meant to help students make responsible decisions. Photos courtesty of Tara Freeman. Captions Courtesy of St. Lawrence University.

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