Green U.S. Cities Ranked By Public Transit, Energy, And Food (PHOTOS)

Clean energy, public transit and local food make these 10 big cities the greenest of them all.

Honking cars emit foul black clouds, skyscrapers blot out the sun, litter lines the gutters and healthy green space can be hard to come by.

But in many of America’s biggest cities, these negative traits are being eclipsed by clean, efficient public transit, bike -- friendly infrastructure, multiplying trees, reliance on renewable energy and a fierce pride in locally -- produced products.

Slashing greenhouse gas emissions and coming close to zero waste is no easy feat for a metropolis with a population of at least 250,000, but these 10 cities -- from Boston to San Francisco -- prove that sustainability is possible on the largest of scales, in good economic times and bad.

List and captions courtesy of EcoSalon.

Greenest U.S. Cities