Greenland Prison System Allows Inmates Big Liberties (VIDEO)

Where in the world are prisoners served breakfast buffets, allowed to go on snowy hikes, and given permission to handle firearms? In the video above, Journeyman Pictures' Nick Lazaredes reports on Greenland's decades-old open prison system, which aims to rehabilitate its inmates by treating them with a policy of courtesy and respect.

At a prison facility in Nuuk, some inmates reportedly hold the keys to their own cells (to afford them privacy), and others may leave the premises during the day to go to work or school. Perhaps surprisingly, inmates are even allowed to go hunting with rifles to shoot birds and seals.

The system does place some restrictions on the prisoners. The video above explains that new inmates generally are locked up for the first few months of their sentences before being allowed further freedoms. They must report back to the prison at night and are tested regularly for alcohol and hashish, Journeyman Pictures reports.

However, not everyone is happy with the open policy. Journalist Heidi Moeller, whose daughters were molested by their grandfather, speaks of the devastating consequences of having the girls see him walking free around town.

Does Greenland's prison system go too far, or is their open approach the key to rehabilitating convicts?

In the video above, watch as Journeyman Pictures takes a look inside Greenland's open prisons.

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