Greetings From Never Never Land!

Okay, Eric, for the patient readers of the Huffington Post, this will be the last I have to say about this subject.

Your condescension knows no bounds. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with your analysis of political affairs must be a member of a cult. And the cult apparently includes William Greider, Chris Hedges, and James Ridgeway, who as journalists, let's face it, could eat you for breakfast.

Again, you offer nothing new. The best you can do is reprint someone else's minority report about the movie. You are in the film because you are an articulate spokesman for the conventional wisdom. If you think you look bad, practice what you preach and take responsibility for your words and the way you say them.

We had nothing to gain by trying to make you look bad. In fact, we worked very hard to tone you down. You want context? Trust me, the most "unfair" thing I could do would be to post your entire unedited interview on YouTube. Everyone would see then that this is not a problem of "context." It's a problem of "content." Not to mention an attitude I can most charitably described as "dickish." I'd bet my house you've heard that before.

I've been thinking a lot about the psychology of Nader hating. There was another excellent documentary at Sundance entitled "The Trials Of Darryl Hunt" about a young African-American man who was falsely accused of raping and murdering a young white woman in North Carolina. After nineteen years and three trials, he was finally exonerated. They found the DNA match for the real killer, who then confessed. At the hearing where Mr. Hunt was to be given his freedom, they gave the mother of the victim a chance to speak. This poor, embittered woman who had suffered for all of those years desperately pleaded for the judge not to let Darryl Hunt go free. She had invested so much emotion in hating this man, it didn't matter what the facts of the case were, she just couldn't let it go.

Let it go, Eric. Let it go.

And for everyone else, at least see the movie before you judge.