Greg Gutfeld Complains College Students Aren't Good-Looking Anymore

"College doesn't look like it's fun anymore," the Fox News host also grumbled.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lamented Thursday that going to college doesn’t look like fun anymore because, in his eyes, the students are no longer attractive.

“College doesn’t look like it’s fun anymore. I mean, have you seen how miserable and how miserable-looking a lot of the students are?” Gutfeld bellyached on “The Five.”

“They’re deliberately, like, ugly-fying themselves. You see them on TikTok. They’re out of shape, they’re asexual. They’re like ... rejecting the truth in beauty. They all look like rejects from a loony bin. I’d steer clear of college, too,” the 58-year-old said.

“Congress, make the college presidents come before you and explain why this stuff keeps going on,” rotating host Harold Ford Jr. added with a straight face.

Gutfeld made the comment during a Fox News segment about how “college kids are realizing how woke universities are just not worth it” based on a statistic that undergraduate enrollment in universities dropped nearly 10% from their pre-pandemic levels.

Besides college not looking “like fun” anymore, the “Five” panelists attributed that decline to people being too lazy, universities being too “woke,” college costs being too high and students “not wanting to do anything anyway.”

They supported this by citing one class taught at a Wisconsin university called “Doing Nothing.” (The professor recently went viral when she revealed how popular the course has been at Lawrence University; she said it was designed to give stressed-out students strategies to relax and disconnect.)

It’s not clear why Gutfeld’s preoccupied with the appeal of college students; however, he’s not the first conservative in recent months to blanket-designate people he considers liberal as unattractive. In July, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he believes that all women who attend abortion rights protests are ugly and overweight and that unattractive women who “look like a thumb” shouldn’t complain about losing abortion rights because they’re not likely to get pregnant anyway.

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