Fox News Host Slams GOP Support For Roy Moore: 'I Hope The Guy Loses'

Greg Gutfeld denounces the "team-sport ideology" in politics.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld says he hopes Republican Roy Moore loses Tuesday’s special election in Alabama for a U.S. Senate seat.

“I hate team-sport politics, and right now this is team-sport politics,” he said on “The Five” on Monday. “The argument is: Moore is bad, but a Democrat is worse, and... it’s a shame, because it shouldn’t be. It doesn’t always have to be a team sport.”

He said President Donald Trump throwing his weight behind Moore is part of the “team sport” element of politics.

“Even though Trump is endorsing this guy, it’s because he has to, because it’s his team,” Gutfeld said. “And I have to say, you know, I hope the guy loses.”

He added:

“If you’re upset that I say that, that is not on me. That’s on the team-sport ideology that’s pernicious because the long-term consequences of a Moore is much worse than the initial loss that you will experience tomorrow. Trust me.”

(h/t Mediaite

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