Fox News Host Takes Dig At Fox News Doctor Over Obama, Ebola Comments

Viewers have noted the absurdity of comments from Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow, but rarely do those on his own network call him out.

Critics did a double take on Monday when "The Five" host Greg Gutfield spoke out against Ablow during a discussion on both the right and the left placing blame on politics for the spread of Ebola to the United States. Gutfield pointed the finger at Ablow for comments he made last week suggesting that Obama has allowed Ebola to enter the U.S. because the president believes Americans "should suffer."

"As the leftists blame Rick Perry and the sequester, the right also blames Obama for spreading Ebola," Gutfield said Monday. "We had somebody on this very network who said that. His name rhymes with Ablow, right? Keith Ablow."

Gutfield continued to surprise viewers when he defended the left, stating that leftists aren't solely to blame and that both sides must take responsibility.

"It is different sides of the same coin," he said. "We are both guilty of this and we should probably avoid blaming people for tragedy."