Greg Hardy Briefly Changed His Twitter Bio To Something, Uh, Interesting

You can understand why he quickly changed it to something else.

For months, Greg Hardy has refused to take responsibility both for his horrific alleged assault of ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder and for the offensive, flippant comments he’s made about women and violence since that May night. But on Sunday, just days after Deadspin published a damning investigative report on the injuries Hardy inflicted upon Holder, he finally tweeted something of an apology for "what happened in past" (sic).

If that made you think Hardy was maybe, finally coming to grips with his past, nope! Hardy changed his Twitter bio Wednesday morning to one that paints him as the victim and seemingly shrugs off any blame for the assault once more.

“Innocent until proven guilty-lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance- the unjust/prejudicial treatment of diff categories of people is discrimination,” it read. 

Uh, what? The “treatment” Hardy has experienced in the wake of allegedly choking his girlfriend over a year ago has actually been mild. Just as describing his attitude on the football field as “guns blazing” after being accused of hurling his girlfriends onto a pile of assault weapons is horrifying and tone deaf, saying that he himself has received unjust, discriminatory treatment when in fact he received a huge, morally questionable contract from the Dallas Cowboys after the disgusting assault is, well, unbelievable. 

Hardy has since changed his bio again, this time to 2Pac lyrics:

Please, please can we get this guy off the field, out of the NFL and away from the public spotlight?


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