Meet Greg Packer, The First Person In Line For An iPad (VIDEO)

If you're planning on lining up to buy the iPad when it's released this weekend, be forewarned: the launch still a full two days away, and already, someone is in line.

That someone is the notorious Greg Packer, a retired highway worker from Huntington, New York who's been described as a 'professional line sitter.'

Not only is Packer reportedly the first person to start queuing up to buy the iPad--he's been camped out outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City since Tuesday--but he's also credited with having been the very first to get in line for the original iPhone (at the same Apple store, no less)..

Why did he want to be first in line for the iPad? Packer says in an interview with Mashable,

Because back when the iPhone first came out...I was the first one to get this so I figured..let me see how the iPad works, instead of, you know, getting a laptop.

Check out Packer in his own words in the video below.