Greg Smith's Goldman Sachs Resignation Sparks Predictably Hilarious Twitter Explosion

Twitter Reacts To Super Public Goldman Resignation

A Goldman Sachs executive revealed today that he was bronze medalist in the Jewish Olympics. Okay, he also said his now-former firm refers to its clients as muppets, among other critical Goldman observations, in a resignation letter submitted to the Wall Street titan in the form of a New York Times Op-Ed.

Yes, Greg Smith gave the Twitterverse the equivalent of a financial Red Bull Wednesday morning, as he detailed what he describes as the erosion of the firm's culture over his 12-year tenure. Once, he says, Goldman Sachs was a place that cared about client success, and now it is little more than a profit-center that wants to rip those same clients off. As an aside, Smith inexplicably didn't know where the bathroom was when he was first starting out at Goldman.

Though Smith's Op-Ed gives evidence what some have long said about Goldman -- cue links to Taibbi's Vampire Squid article, basically all Occupy Wall Street coverage and parody twitter GS Elevator -- the famed investment bank is notoriously private, so don't expect a flood of similar outcry.

Indeed, Goldman banned the use of Facebook among its employees as of last year, according to Fast Company, despite investing millions in the social networking site. The firm additionally blocked its workers from commenting on popular Wall Street site Dealbreaker. Thankfully, that didn't stop Twitter from doing its thing.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to Smith’s super public resignation:

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