Fox News Legal Analyst Wants To Disband And Replace The FBI To Protect Trump

“It is time that the FBI be halted,” Gregg Jarett said.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett wants to repeal and replace the FBI.

“This is an all-powerful, out-of-control agency, rogue agency, and frankly it’s time that it be halted in its tracks, reorganized and replaced with a new organization that has legal restraints imposed upon it and accountable to somebody,” he told Sean Hannity on Monday.

Jarrett claimed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, “invented” a counterintelligence case against President Donald Trump “with no probable cause” and “no credible evidence” to support it.

“It is time that the FBI be halted,” Jarrett said:

Jarrett has previously called the FBI “America’s secret police” and said the Mueller investigation is “illegitimate and corrupt.”

Former U.S. attorney Chuck Rosenberg, who has served in the FBI, slammed Jarrett’s comments as “deeply wrong” on MSNBC on Tuesday.

“They’re offensive. They’re malicious. And they undermine the work of the men and women of the FBI. It really breaks my heart to hear it,” he told Brian Williams, according to Mediaite.

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