Gregg Sulkin Compares Workout To 9/11, Gets Appropriately Dragged On Twitter


Gregg Sulkin is seriously not doing himself any favors. 

The “Faking It” actor found himself in hot water on Wednesday (temperature: scalding), when he felt compelled to share some ~deep~ thoughts with his million or so followers during a difficult run. 

“Wow what a workout. Had to run up flights of stairs & all I could think of were the brave firefighters climbing the twin towers on 9/11,” he tweeted. 

The 24-year-old British actor quickly deleted the tweet after receiving backlash from all corners of the Twitterverse, but not before a couple screenshots were taken. 

However, he has yet to remove two seemingly related tweets about his “respect for those who put their lives in danger,” supposedly referencing the same firefighters in his initial tweet by noting that their heavy gear really “puts everything into perspective.”

Just in case Sulkin was in need of a little more perspective, Twitter happily gave it to him, dragging him for having the audacity to compare a strenuous workout with the experience of saving lives on Sept. 11.

And we thought it couldn’t get any worse than that time he endorsed a line of “Grab Her By The Brain” hats inspired by President-elect Donald Trump



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