Gregorio Sanchez Presents at Art Hearts LA Fashion Week

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Sanchez's Style

Touted as one of the "best of the best" at the Art Hearts LA Fashion week, Gregorio Sanchez, displayed an incredible array of women's fashion. His style caught the eye of fellow designers and viewers alike. Gregorio Sanchez's line included vibrant colors, and some hands embroidered, provocative pieces, like lace and transparent blouses. Many of the models wearing the transparent blouses shed their bras to add to the sex appeal. To complement the blouses, the models wore tall stilettos (7 inches) and a beautifully crafted pompadour hairstyle to match the sexy, elegant clothing.

Some viewers described Gregorio Sanchez's line as "energetic and fun." In contrast with the brilliant colors, Sanchez included other patterns of checkered black and white to make the vibrant colors pop. Many of the dresses displayed floral styled patterns and jewels. Sanchez also included sequins and other Spanish styled designs that were emphasized by floor length capes, colorful belts, and some other earrings that embellished the models' look. Gregorio's line reflected a Hispanic style but also had inspiration from the styles of India and Bali, thus, the wide selection of shining colors and stunningly ornate accessories. Some writers described this montage of colors and style as something that may be seen in Cuba.

Gregorio's successes have neither began nor ceased at LA Fashion week, however. Gregorio Sanchez has been designing unique lines for more than 15 years now. Sanchez got his start in the design world by studying at Fashion and Design at the Louise Sallinger Academy of Fashion in San Francisco, CA. After graduating from the Louise Sallinger Academy of Fashion, Gregorio Sanchez worked as an art director for the prominent designer James Galliano in Beverly Hills.

After the rigorous tutelage of Galliano, Sanchez returned to Mexico to open up his fashion line called RG Sanchez. Sanchez continued to expand his lines by opening up boutique shops around the United States which sold handbags, footwear, and a wide array of eclectic clothing.

Gregorio's success with his boutique shops allowed him to continue presenting his work at various fashion platforms around the world, including International Designers Mexico, Fashion Week Mexico, and Vancouver Fashion Week

Today, Gregorio continues to flaunt his fashion lines in a variety of different venues. Gregorio Sanchez recently opened a storefront in Beverly Hills on the well-known Rodeo Drive. His boutique boasts a clothing line representative of his native Mexican heritage that brings with it the bold colors but also a pragmatic, elegant style that can be worn every day. The store is located at 421 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Gregorio has recently become a very involved with an organization called Face Forward. Face Forward is a non-profit organization that provides gratuitous reconstructive surgery for victims of domestic violence and various persons involved in human trafficking and other related crimes. On December 16th. Gregorio held an in-store shopping promotion where 25% of the proceeds would be donated to the Face Forward foundation. On top of that, Gregorio donated 20% of the sales proceeds for the month of December.

Celebrities and Other Notable Persons With Whom Sanchez has Worked

Gregorio Sanchez has worked with actress Blanca Blanco, who has an active role in advancing humanitarian efforts and who supports some charities and non-profit organizations.

During the Los Angeles Fashion Week, Gregorio Sanchez also had model Alexis Bellino working their magic on the catwalk. Sanchez continues to grow his clothing line and work with some different celebrities. Blanca Blanco and Alexis Bellino are only the tip of the iceberg as to what we envision for Sanchez in the future.

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