Gregory Jackson Sr. Calls 911 A Reported 9 Times -- Just To Order A Cheeseburger

LISTEN: He Called 911 For WHAT?

Gregory Jackson Sr. wanted a cheeseburger. Instead he got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich -- in jail.

The culinary turn of events came about because Jackson, of New Castle, Ind., reportedly dialed 911 nine times on Friday to order a cheeseburger, according to area news station WISH-TV. The dispatcher told the seemingly impaired Jackson that "we don't take cheeseburger orders" and sent cops to his house.

Listen to the bizarre exchange (above) in the WISH report.

But it wasn't the man's Wimpy-sized hankering for a burger that landed him in the hoosegow. When cops arrived, they discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant for a court appearance he had missed two days earlier, according to Indiana-based outlet the Star-Press. So police took in Jackson, who has a long history of alcohol offenses and previously did time for stabbing someone and dealing controlled substances.

The meal at the jail that night was peanut butter and jelly.

As you might imagine, 911 has been contacted on takeout matters before. Wantonly displaying a lack of awareness, a Georgia woman called emergency dispatchers in 2011 to complain that her Chinese restaurant had mixed up her order. She got off with a warning.

(Hat tip, MSN)

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