Noose Found In Locker Of Man Who Filed FDNY Discrimination Lawsuit

Man Suing FDNY For Discrimination Found This In His Locker

An FDNY communications electrician found an ominous item waiting for him when he went into the locker room.

A month after he filed a discrimination complaint against the department, Gregory Seabrook's lawyers say he discovered a noose in front of his locker.

From the Daily News:

"There's an ominous message behind it," lawyer Stephen Jackson said of the nearly 3-foot-long noose, which he plans to display at a press conference today and then hand over to authorities.

The noose is "elaborately constructed" and tied in a "monkey knot," Seabrook's lawyers say.

The knot was used as a weapon to beat slaves, according to Jackson.

Seabrook, and four other minority electricians for the FDNY, filed complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights, alleging the Fire Department overlooks minority electricians for overtime opportunities and promotions.

An FDNY spokesperson said they had no knowledge of the incident and declined to comment.

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