10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About 'Gremlins'

"Gremlins" came out 30 years ago, fooling parents with its deceptively cute poster and spawning years of mini-monster inspired films. In honor of the anniversary, here are 10 things you might not know about the horror-comedy classic (we'll just assume you know not to feed a mogwai after midnight).


  • If the Courthouse Square scene looks familiar, that's because "Gremlins" shared a set with "Back To The Future" (and Kingston Falls is not the only place that clock tower has popped up).
  • Each of the gremlins were animatronic puppets, which ran the studio around $40,000. There was so many issues operating them on set, that during one shoot, the "the entire cast" fell asleep, waiting for their counterparts to start working again.
  • The origin of the gremlin dates back to the first and second World Wars, when pilots would blame mechanical issues on small, mischievous creatures.
  • Gizmo was originally intended as the film's villain, but Spielberg vetoed that idea when he realized audiences would like how adorable he was, and want to see him throughout the film ...
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  • ... oh, and he's voiced by Howie Mandel.
  • Spielberg himself has a cameo at one point. Maybe you caught him pedaling away on that exercise bicycle?
  • The film was considered a bit intense for family audiences, but it was much less violent than the original script. In one of the first drafts, the gremlins kill Billy's mom -- decapitating her and throwing her head down the stairs ...
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  • Despite the fact that it has a Christmas setting, "Gremlins" was released in June due to the lack of summer movie competition.
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