Grenades Discovered In Bag At Newark Airport

In the past few days, the TSA has caught flak for allegedly strip-searching not one but two elderly women. But, the agency is able to gloat a bit this evening after it revealed that it discovered five inert grenades in a passenger's bags on Saturday at Newark Liberty Airport.

A Belgium-bound passenger surrendered the items to the TSA, CBS News reports.

Not surprisingly, grenades are not allowed on planes. Yet, passengers bring grenades or their likenesses more frequently than you might think. Flights were delayed in October in Salt Lake City after the TSA found four inert land mines in a passenger's checked bags. In January 2009, Johnny Knoxville of "Jackass" fame, was detained for allegedly having an inert grenade in his carry-on bag for a flight from Los Angeles International Airport.

PHOTO: Tumbleweed:-)/Flickr

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