Greta Van Susteren Fights Back Against Claims About Fox News (VIDEO)

Greta Van Susteren took to both her blog and her program Monday to fight back against claims made against Fox News.

Now, un-American?" she wrote. "First it was that Fox is not a news organization...and now? now Fox is un-american? Really, un-american??? (Tomorrow I fear I will be asked to register as a sex offender...what in the world happened last week while I was traveling in North Korea? What unglued everyone?)"

Van Susteren then made sure to explicitly state that her program, "On the Record," was not mentioned in the article because it is a legitimate news program:

Why did the Newsweek columnist/ reporter leave out ON THE RECORD at 10pm in his article? Simple. It does not fit his thesis that Fox is not a news channel and un-American. Apparently first he comes up with his thesis and then omits facts to support it. That in and of itself shows his bias -- that he is playing to his crowd. Oh my!

It is a claim she would develop further on "On the Record" Monday evening, airing examples of her hard news reporting including interviews with Hillary Clinton about North Korea, Henry Kissinger about Iran, Ehud Barak about Israel, and Evan Bayh about Iraq.

"It's monumentally stupid on the part of the White House, obviously," Tucker Carlson told Van Susteren. "It doesn't help them in the long-run, their whining...but it's also infuriating."

Van Susteren said she didn't find it "infuriating," but rather "silly" and "patently absurd."

"The thing that I think is disturbing," she said, 'is that you may have a beef with a person in an organization...but you don't indict the entire organization, the entire group. That is really the problem here. They may have a beef with Glenn Beck, but you don't attack Bret Baier."