Greta Van Susteren Draws Scrutiny Over Husband's Herman Cain Ties

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren is facing scrutiny for failing to disclose her husband's ties to Herman Cain on the air -- despite covering the presidential candidate and interviewing his wife.

Van Susteren got a major scoop when Gloria Cain broke her silence to discuss the growing sexual harassment allegations surrounding her husband. She has also covered the claim by Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White that she had a long affair with Cain -- the latter segment being notably on the critical side.

However, Van Susteren has not mentioned the fact that her husband, John Coale, is close with Cain. Among other things, Coale helped connect Cain with New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, who set up a dinner for the candidate with many top media figures. (That dinner was canceled when the alleged affair became public.)

Instead, Van Susteren wrote a lengthy blog post, saying that Coale is simply a friend to many politicians in Washington of all political stripes. She wrote that Coale was not a lobbyist or a member of the government, and that the same could not be said for many other members of the media.

"To those who are critical of me because of my husband and his contacts, stop for a second and think about my interviews," Van Susteren wrote on Wednesday. "Are you getting information? Am I fair ?"

Some Fox News journalists are reported to be privately concerned about the appearance of a conflict. On Wednesday night, Coale contacted the New York Times about the Cain issue.

"I didn't advise him," Coale said. "Why should Greta have to disclose every time I have dinner with one of my friends?"

Coale and Van Susteren have also drawn questions in the past about Coale's relationship with Sarah Palin, a Fox News contributor and frequent Van Susteren guest.