Greta Van Susteren: I'd Run For Governor Of Wisconsin

Greta Van Susteren says she'd run for Governor of Wisconsin if she knew she would win.

Update below: Greta says she was kidding!

The Fox News host and native of Appleton, Wisconsin told Politico in an interview that the one thing she would do if she knew she could not fail is "run for Governor of Wisconsin."

"I like Midwesterners," Van Susteren said last month. "When you got a flat tire, we stop and help. We're much more approachable. I talk about Wisconsin every night I get a chance. There's nothing that I enjoy more, and I don't mean to be disrespectful to the new friends I've made over the years, but can I tell you, I have friends I went to grade school with in Wisconsin. They are my best friends, by far, in the entire world. When I go home and see them, my stomach hurts from laughing. Any chance I get, I come back."

Van Susteren, the daughter of a Wisconsin judge, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before getting her law degree from Georgetown. She is married to John Coale, a Washington lawyer known for supporting women in politics, who has been closely associated with both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

In a similar interview with Politico, MSNBC's Ed Schultz said the one thing he would do if he knew he could not fail was "run for President."

UPDATE: Greta wrote on her blog Wednesday night that she was only kidding when she said she'd run for Governor of Wisconsin if she knew she could not fail:

It was a joke! I haven't lived there for more than 35 years! I figured it was obvious that I was not serious based on the entire article.

I was just being flip in a series of what were obviously light hearted questions calling for light hearted answers....Really? Serious? Are you kidding?