Greta Van Susteren May Shut Down Blog

Because I promised you the behind the scenes, I figure I should alert you to the fact there is a good chance that I will shut down GretaWire soon. As you might have guessed, it is really time consuming (I do all the content alone but do have help with the technical problems that arise, or putting some video codes in from our segments and a few other things but the content is all my writing or my selection or decision to include .....that also includes the pictures....the foregoing has been updated / clarified as of 6:56pm) and I am trying to think what else I can do on the web. I would like to expand into other areas. It has been lots of fun blogging and building GretaWire with all of you but I, probably like you, like to dream about doing other things - whatever that may be. You know I love technology, and I love to learn -- and thus I may want to try something completely different on the web. I am reaching out for new ideas. If you have some ideas, post them as I am open for ideas (and actually seeking them.)

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