Greta Van Susteren's Fox News Contract Extended

Greta Van Susteren's not going anywhere.

The host of Fox News' 10PM "On the Record" has extended her contract with the network, the New York Times reports.

The contract extension means that Van Susteren, who wrote on her blog that the contract extension was "no surprise," will remain with Fox News at least "for several more years," according to the Times.

"No surprise, is it?" Van Susteren blogged. "ON THE RECORD at 10pm has been #1 for 8 1/2 straight you really think anyone would change anything? Why would I and why would Fox? It has worked for both of us. So no surprise there..."

The New York Times wrote last year that "it is unclear how much longer Ms. Van Susteren will be at Fox," suggesting Megyn Kelly was the leading candidate to replace Greta in the 10PM hour.