Gretchen Carlson Fears Police Will Ban Christmas Decorations On Her Home (VIDEO)

"Fox and Friends" hosts Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade reported on the expansion of what they called the "war on Santa" on Friday.

Doocy reported that the city of Boca Raton, Florida banned Christmas trees and menorahs inside public buildings. "Guess what? It's a war on all holidays now," Carlson said.

In response to a viewer email that said people were still free to have holiday decorations in their private homes, Carlson warned, "just wait for the town ordinance when you can't have it." Carlson further wondered if holiday decoration regulation would come to what she called the "personal home situation." She said it "might be right around the corner."

Kilmeade joked that an officer might knock on her door to confiscate the "little drummer boy next to [her] Christmas tree." Carlson laughed and jokingly responded, "excuse me, that's my son!" She then impersonated the police officer responding to her and said, "Oh sorry, doesn't matter."

Carlson has vocalized her commitment to holiday decorations in the past. In late October, Carlson lamented that some schools had canceled classroom Halloween parties. She wondered how it could impact her own family. She said that she "was just sad" at the thought of her two children not seeing "the American traditions" of celebrating Halloween.

WATCH (via Mediaite):

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