Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Wonders If Serena Williams Outburst Had 'Racial Undertones' (VIDEO)

Gretchen Carlson criticized Serena Williams' outburst on the tennis court during Monday's "Fox and Friends," and wondered if her comments had a "racial undertone."

(Williams said that the umpire at her losing U.S. Open game was a "hater" and "just unattractive inside." She was later fined for the comments.) Carlson was not happy about the incident.

"This is what's wrong with our society today," she said. "That's the entitlement generation right there." Kilmeade disagreed, saying that tennis stars like John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors were always ranting on the court. Carlson said that such behavior was "sick," and that Williams was acting like her children.

"If you're not a responsible parent, to constantly say 'no, you need to take your own personal responsibility,' you end up saying things like that," she said. "...And a 'hater,' I mean was that a racial undertone? I don't quite get that."