7 Ways To Use Gray Decor Without Feeling Depressed

It's time to go grey.

One of the biggest reservations people have when decorating with the color gray is that it may look too "depressing."

It's a valid concern. But we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. Gray decor can look refined and, dare we say, upbeat when done right. We looked to this episode of "Real Home Lookbook," to learn how to choose the right color gray for your home.

Step one: Get as many samples as you can and place them side by side. That way, you'll better be able to tell the difference between warm and cool grays. If it's a blue-based gray, it will look cool, and if it's a gray mixed in with a bit of yellow, it will look warmer and more comfortable. Another rule to remember: The larger the room, the deeper the gray should be.

Real Home Lookbook host Bryn Lucas also reminds us that paint isn't the only way to incorporate gray into your decor. A gray sofa is a "classic choice and always look very sophisticated," he says. Just make sure to properly accent it with brighter accessories in bold colors.

Here are seven ways to go gray and make it look really great.

1. Accent a gray sofa with a bunch of white pillows to brighten it up.

2. Or choose a gray palette as a neutral background to highlight a striking sofa.


3. Bring in a splash of bright color on the walls in a child's room to keep things upbeat.


4. "Real Home Look Book" says pairing gray walls with wooden furniture creates a "sophisticated and simple look." This home seems to have gotten the memo.


5. Contrast a deep gray couch with lighter gray walls and very bright pillows for some extra punch.


6. Use gray as a standout color on an all-white bed by placing one single gray pillow in the middle of the bed.


7. Even stairs can be gray. Paint the railings and the top of the stairs in a light tone to bring some extra flourish to an often overlooked part of a house.


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