'Grey's Anatomy': Arizona Wants Alex To Stab Her In The Foot (VIDEO)

Arizona is still getting used to her new life with a new prosthetic limb on "Grey's Anatomy." Losing a limb is a traumatic event, and one of the most difficult things to deal with can be phantom pains or itches in the limb that is no longer there. How do you scratch an itch that isn't there, or soothe a pain somewhere that isn't?

When the pain became unbearable, Arizona came up with a rather unorthodox solution. She asked Alex to take a scalpel and stab her.

"Stab me in the foot," she insisted. "My prosthetic. Stab me!"

Cristina couldn't believe what was happening, but Alex went for it. With the scalpel sticking out from the top of her foot, Arizona felt relief. Her gamble had paid off. "That's better," she said in relief.

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