Grey's Anatomy 'Do You Know?' Recap: What's Going On Around Here?

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 10, Episode 17 of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," titled "Do You Know?"
Alright, I've seen that many of us were a little confused and hating this episode on Twitter. I'm sorry, haters, you can stop reading right now then.

Because I think this episode was perfect. Not only is it just a gorgeous example of how "Grey's" tells stories so well, or loves its characters, but it's the perfect beginning of the end for Cristina Yang. It's also one of those episodes you could theoretically skip and still keep up next week, but seriously? How could you miss, be confused by, or hate this? Come on now.

First, "Grey's" has taught us over nine years (the anniversary of the first episode was tonight!) that life takes unexpected twists, you have to be true to yourself, and that everyone always overthinks things. I like how the moral of this story, or stories, is that you must to stay true to yourself. Yang realizes she won't be happy if she gives up medicine to be a mommy, Owen maybe won't be happy without children or a woman who stays by his side. Even the paralyzed patient who sparks this is miserable when he doesn't stick to his guns and chooses to live for his wife. What was that that Cristina says to Owen? Don't give things up for me.> I'm not above taking life advice from a network television show if you aren't.

Second, and really the best thing, is that I love how hardcore Cristina is. They really don't back down on the fact that she's a woman, a smart, funny, attractive woman, mind you, who just doesn't want kids. It's not that kids and marriage make lives miserable, it's that people who don't want kids or marriage will be miserable if they makes compromises. Everyone needs to listen to more Dan Savage and think about the admission price.

I also love that they keep her just narcissistic enough to believe that without her, Owen will just be a drunk lonely man botching surgeries and living in a trailer. I mean, maybe he would. But give the dude some credit! I feel like he'd learn that you have to stick to your values,too, and end up in Germany with Teddy anyway or something.

Random Thoughts

1) Bailey gets her own talk show in the future. Of course.

2) Every dog shall henceforth be named Miss Rodriguez.

3) I like how they make all the girls look older with just the right amount of blush and an updo. I totally buy it.

4) The iPhone of the future is transparent and I want one.

Right before it all starts, Karev says to Mer, talking about his relationship: "So we just keep doing what we're doing for twenty years and that's it?"

I guess it depends if that sounds like fun or not. Unfortunately, we know Cristina is going to head out soon. Maybe Burke, her first love, still doesn't want babies and wants to win a Haper Avery award, too.

Did you spot any other inside jokes in the flash forward? What did you think of use two scenarios? Let me know in the comments or @karenfratti.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.