'Grey's Anatomy' 'Get Up, Stand Up' Recap: They Love Each Other!

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 10, Episode 12 of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," titled "Get Up, Stand Up."


The three laws of "Grey's Anatomy" are as follows:

  1. For every happy event, like April's wedding, at least one terrible thing must happen.
  2. People will always reconcile.
  3. Love doesn't just conquer all, it maims everyone on the way in.

April stands up for herself on her wedding day, "hunting" down her bridesmaids in her curlers, getting them tailored, shutting them up before curtain call. Owen tells her that everyone likes her, her dress is gorgeous, everything's going as planned and then Jackson has to stand up and tell her he loves her, right smack in the middle of it.

I like the idea of getting up, standing up, for your right to love, as the episode title suggests. And I like the Mark Sloan tie-in. But, seriously, even for a soap opera like this one: can't he just contain himself? Karev's face says it all as he's doing it: it's a horrible thing to do. It's a lovely, stupid, romantic thing to do. But it's just so rude.

But we knew it was coming. As soon as Derek starts talking about impulsive and compulsive drives in our brains to the president's men, we know it's coming. Poor goofy Matt. He's too pathetic to be April's man:

So, yes: Jackson destroys April's wedding, her relationship with Matt, and his own with Stephanie. Who, by the way, wanted to drop the L-bomb earlier in the episode but didn't. Save yourself, girl.

Karev also stood up, to his dad. He tells his dad that he's off the hook for leaving because he wouldn't have turned out to be so great, so himself, if his pops had stuck around. And that's probably true. While Karev celebrates the end of his daddy issues with Jo at the wedding, his dad has some sort of attack back at the hospital. Ross goes lunatic Macgyver on him, probably killing him, until someone has enough sense to call in Weber, who is finally back on service.

We all knew Shane was having trouble since Heather's death, but I thought he was just being a jerk. I didn't know he wasn't sleeping or that he had sort of lost all sense of control.

Finally, as always, I've buried the lede: Meredith and Christina make up (sort of)! They yell and say terrible, no good things to each other but then they admit that they're both a little jealous of each other and a little sad that time's moving them apart.


Meredith: I'm so jealous I could set things on fire! You are who we both set out to be!
Christina: And you've become something we never saw coming.

I am not a fan of how they do romantic love on this show, but, boy, do they do girly-friendship well. It was just the right amount of predictable and cheesy and raw; it felt like every female on female fight I've ever had.

Odds and Ends
  • Bailey's on meds and onto finding a custom cure for a kid. Ben's worried she's leaving surgery, Bailey's still super mad at him for quitting. I would not want to be married to Bailey.
  • Didn't you really want the president calling to be Fitz?
  • Arizona is crying about Callie wanting to "fix" her. But wasn't she mad at Callie for breaking her in the first place? I'm calling foul on this one. Shut up, Robbins, you are the worst character ever.
  • I hope April breaks up with Matt and runs to Jackson, but I hope Stephanie won't look him in the eye afterwards. I'm sick of everyone always forgiving each other. Sometimes people are jerks and need to be cut off.

We have to wait until February to find out. Until then, tweet me your predictions, rants, and raves about the season so far.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.