'Grey's Anatomy,' 'I Saw Her Standing There': Who's Cristina's New 'Sex Friend'? What's Up With Jackson And April? (VIDEO)

"Grey's Anatomy" (Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC) has had a heavy start to the season, with the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West still mourning the losses from last season's game-changing finale plane crash. But some people have an interesting way of coping with loss ...

HuffPost TV has an exclusive sneak peek at this week's new "Grey's Anatomy" episode, "I Saw Her Standing There," which finds our favorite Seattle ex-pat Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) falling into bed with an unlikely man, a.k.a. her new "sex friend."

Is it really a cry for help, as her "person" Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) says? Or is Cristina just trying to fit in at her new hospital? And will Owen get wind of this? They're technically still married, you know ...

Watch the exclusive clip above and tell us what you think, then keep reading for more scoop on the hospital's budding relationships.

Cristina's not the only one getting action! Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) are still heating up -- at least for now. HuffPost TV caught up with Williams on the show's set, and he teased quite a bit of back-and-forth in their complicated relationship.

"I think they approach it knowing there's obviously a lot of red flags," Williams said. "There's obviously a lot of reasons this won't work, but there's some magnetic energy there. I think they're gonna struggle with playing by the rules and then breaking the rules, and knowing that it can't work, which is kind of why it does work. There's a lot of that push-pull dynamic I feel developing between them. But I don't know that something like that can happen and sustain overnight. I think it might be something that needs some time to develop and to fail in order to have success. When you get a square and a circle together, you've gotta figure out how it'll work.

April's not somebody who's had much experience in this department, so maybe she needs to get out in the world a little bit to have something to compare it to ... and Jackson's probably been around the block a little bit longer than she has."

So what three words would he use to describe their relationship in the coming weeks? "Impatience, lust and patience," he said, adding, "but there's kindness and also flashes of mean streaks. When you want something, it hurts that much more when you can't or are prevented from having it. Kindness and being nasty, patience and impatience ... and just a lot of sexual energy."

But this week, Jackson's also got his mom (Debbie Allen) in town, and she's still romancing Richard (James Pickens Jr.), which can only complicate his feelings even more.

"Yeah, his mom is sleeping with Dr. Webber, which is like 'What the f-ck?'," Williams said. "What a mess! It's like, you always were the meddling mom, you always were kind of the nuisance, but it was kind of adorable at the same time. But now, this is just ... it just makes you shudder. It's like, 'Mom, gimme a break!' So I think Jackson's going to have to step up and address the situation, and try to make some rules and some boundaries, if this is going to proceed.

And he struggles with that: Is this an entirely bad thing? Is there an inkling of happiness that his mom is actually connecting to someone and maybe has a guy in her life besides him? Maybe it takes the weight off a bit. It's complicated, and that's fun to play."

Here's ABC's full description of this week's episode:

"I Saw Her Standing There"
Aware that Derek might never operate again, Meredith stops talking about the surgeries she's performing. Meanwhile, Richard calls on Dr. Catherine Avery to help him perform a complicated procedure, as things continue to heat up between Jackson and April; and Arizona's struggle to accept her fate forces Callie and Alex to face their guilt.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.