RIP To Our Favorite Female TV BFFs: An Ode To The Ladies Of 'Grey's Anatomy' And 'Parks And Recreation' (VIDEO)

When we heard the news that Sandra Oh is leaving "Grey's Anatomy" after the upcoming 10th season, we immediately thought about Cristina Yang's best moments. Most of them, obviously, are with her person, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), which makes it sting even more.

Sadly, the feeling isn't unfamiliar -- we felt the same sting a few weeks ago when NBC announced that Rashida Jones will be leaving "Parks and Recreation" this season. So now we'll be losing two of TV's best female duos in one year.

Mer without Cristina? Leslie without Ann? What is TV female best friendship coming to? Who will dance it out, tell each other they're beautiful and repeatedly reassure each other that they are, in fact, their person? Check out our mash-up, above, which honors these fabulous, flawed and funny TV friendships.

Video edited by Amber Genuske.

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