Grey's Anatomy Recap: Don't Go Derek!

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 11, Episode 20 of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, titled "One Flight Down."


Shonda is killing us. We have now waited two whole weeks to find out where Derek is. Apparently, he's not in a plane crash. Judging from the previews for this week, he stops because there's some car accident and is saving two kids. But then a car blows up. I have scoured the Interwebs and here are lots of mixed messages, but he signed a contract for another two seasons. Still, there are ways of of contractual agreements, it's coming towards the end of the season.

Derek could blow the heck up. The Good Wife fans knows what I'm talking about. One day, your heartthrob is there, The next minute, dead. Gone. There is no Grey's without Meredith and Derek or Yang. I love Karev but it's not enough. I will have to stop watching. Except how you can just stop watching a show you've watched for all of your adult life? Don't tease, my pain is real.

In any case, the plane crash episode was also pretty intense. As someone who suffers from PTSD, the scene with Meredith and Arizona in the supply closet hit home. "We're safe, we're safe."

More random thoughts:

  • I really want Amelia and Owen to get together. Their faults fit each other perfectly.

  • Can Karev just get down on one knee already and propose?
  • Did anyone else think it was odd that none of the interns knew about the plane crash?
  • If only relationships worked the way they work among patients in that hospital. That girl remembering the sammies? Talk about happily ever after.
  • Everyone just stay calm tonight. If you start freaking out, find me in the supply closet taking deep breaths. Or just tweet me your reactions@karenfratti

    "Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.