'Grey's Anatomy' 'You Got to Hide Your Love Away' Recap: Yang and Owen Back in the Sack

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 10, Episode 14 of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," titled "You Got to Hide Your Love Away."


Sorry, Stephanie and Leah. You can't take the love out of the hospital. Just as Owen announces a non-fraternization policy, everything about everyone's relationship starts to get a little messy.

And it all unfolds as the whole crew tries to figure out a rare, tricky tumor in a teenage girl and tend to the nasty leg wounds on another woman who dove into a trash chute to avoid her married boyfriend. Theme of the evening? Love is blind and makes you stupid. Not great qualities for doctors, but these guys have always managed hanky panty in the on-call room, natural disasters, rare diseases and come out on top. Sort of, at least.

Owen and Emma decide to move in together. Emma's talking about picking enough rooms for future babies. But Owen sleeps with a drunk Christina, who shows up at the trailer with a bottle of Derek's wine to ramble about window treatments. It was actually pretty awesome. Until Owen breaks up with Emma because she would give up surgery for kids. Has he finally come around to Yang's side? I thought Owen wanted valences and babies.

Webber is on 'panty police' duty -- his dorky words, not mine. In fact, I wish no one said the p-word ever. Let's all make a pact to stop now. Anyway, he tries to give Shane a pep talk about coming back to work too soon, but it seems like Shane is just trying to get back on track after being 'distracted' by sex with Yang.

Webber walks into a storage room to find Jackson, Jo, April, and Alex in various states of undress. Jo and Karev faked a messy breakup in front of the whole hospital so people would get off their back. And April and Jackson debate coming out as married. What happens in the storage room stays in the storage room?

Luckily, Karev calls everyone out on the hypocrisy, but Jo might still be in trouble. Looks like everyone's cover is blown.

Including Leah's. Who, it turns out, was the one who filed the complaint with HR in the first place. But her little do-good plan backfires, because the residents are fighting amongst themselves anyway and unfocused on medicine because of the new policy. They try to rally, focus, and come up with a surgical plan to save the cancer patient. But she bleeds out in the OR just as they pull it together. Too little, too late. Just go away, Murphy, you ruin everything.

Callie gives Arizona a ring and proposes a 'fresh start' in their new house and the two can't stop skipping around in love. Did I miss something? I know #calzona are fan faves but I just can't root for them. Way too whiny and dependent for my liking. I don't buy commitment-phobe Arizona's cheerfulness about it all either.

To top it all off, Derek not only got the job with the White House, they want him to run the brain mapping project. That means Meredith might have to give up her research (which she sort of has to do anyway). I'm ok with that if it means we get more Twisted Sister girl talk and screen time.

How long till Owen realizes Yang probably just wanted a one night stand? Do you think Callie and Arizona are really going for happily ever after? How do you get prawns in your leg, really? Tell me what you think in the comments or @karenfratti.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.