Grieving Daughter Says Mom Drinks Too Much And Started Bringing Home ‘Random Men’ Since Dad Died

Alyssa’s husband, Nick, died in 2015 after spending more than a year in long-term care following an accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury.

Alyssa’s family says since Nick’s death, she’s been spiraling out of control. They claim she’s drinking too much, driving drunk, staying out all night, bringing home strangers, and neglecting her kids.

Alyssa’s Stepmom Bonnie says, “Two nights in a row; we had to take her away from a bar because she was incapable of driving safely.”

Alyssa’s daughter Anna says she and her mom aren’t currently speaking to one another. “She’s mad at me for telling everyone she has a drinking problem.” Anna also claims her younger brother and sister are “too scared to stay at home,” because Anna says they say Alyssa brings home “random men.”

“She’s not acting appropriately as a grieving mother,” says Alyssa’s dad, Gus. “Especially in the eyes of her children.”

“It’s like my mom’s become a teenager again,” says Anna. “And my younger sister and I have to be her mom.”

Is Alyssa drinking too much and behaving inappropriately? She says she’s not an alcoholic; she’s just grieving and depressed, and “doing the best I can.” Friday on Dr. Phil, find out what other “destructive behaviors” Alyssa’s friends and family claim she’s been up to. And, Dr. Phil speaks with Alyssa about her behind-the-scenes conduct with show staff. Check here to see where you can watch.