Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Are Being Delivered By Parachute, And We Couldn't Be Happier


New Yorkers, forget that cupcake ATM, parachuting grilled cheese sandwiches are coming to the Big Apple.

Australian eatery Jafflechutes -- a riff on "jaffle" the Aussie term for grilled cheese -- came up with the alternative delivery system in 2013. Now, after a successful crowd-funding campaign raised Melbourne's “first float-down eatery” more than $5,300, the flying sandwiches are slated to debut in New York. (An official launch date has yet to be announced.)

This is how the flying sandwich system works: Patrons pay $5-$6 for their sandwiches via PayPal, then set up a delivery time and stand in a designated area on the street marked with an "X." An employee then launches the wrapped-up sandwich down into the customers' welcoming hands, the website notes. If the sandwich gets stuck somewhere on the journey, chances are Jafflechutes will make another.

The innovative system was started by a group of friends in Melbourne who spent some off-the-grid time together brainstorming business ideas.

"We stumbled into doing jafflechutes after a weekend at a countryside Airbnb rental without electricity or Internet," Adam Grant, one of the creators, told Fast Company. "Without the distraction of YouTube and video games, we spent the night talking about crazy business ideas, and by morning we had created Melbourne’s first float-down eatery."

Let's just say we're very grateful for those Internet-free days. Now, we wait.

Watch the above video from Klaus Fritz to see the cheese-delivery chutes in action.

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